Maxim toys come in many shapes and sizes. Our collections span from classic wooden train sets, pretend food and kitchens, block sets, to toy vehicles, dollhouses, log house sets, and much more!


Maxim Toys

Our goal is to create a world through which you can create a safe, healthy and imaginative environment for children everywhere. Our traditional wooden toys are designed to be passed down from generation to generation, spreading the gift of learning through play. All of our creations are sure to be bright, fun, and educational, as well as sustainable for our environment.

As an integral part of a child’s development, we incorporate several values into our toys. Manual dexterity, creativity, hand/eye coordination, and colour/number recognition are just a few of the traits our toys help develop and reinforce. Wooden toys also give children a sense of sturdiness while exposing them to the beauty of nature.

Maxim is a reliable company that is environmentally friendly and thinks in terms of globalisation. WE look at our the natural resources our products rely on by taking care to only use wood from government approved reforested land and going the extra step to plant three trees for everyone that is taken. In this way, we are doing our part to maintain a healthy global environment.

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  • 54112 Chloe’s Cottage
  • 52833 Shopping Cart
  • 54161 Maxim Wooden Family Set Parents
  • 52788 Maxim Red Vintage Kitchen
  • Maxim Monster Mansion
  • 50421 Wooden Parking Garage/ Train Station
  • 52754 Adjustable Easel
  • 54112 Chloe’s Cottage
  • 54161 Maxim Wooden Family Set Grandparents